String of love Bracelet Kit Instruction


Begin by cutting 8 inches off of your cord and setting aside (This will be used to create the bracelet closure later).Cut the remaining cord into 2 equal halves.Using glue, or a lighter, stiffen the ends of your 2 cords, and use nipper to cut on an angle.Next, take 2 ends of 1 of your cords, and bring them up through the CZ connector. (This will be a tight fit)Create a larks head knot. Make sure you bring the strings up through the bottom of your CZ connectors rings.

Repeat for the other side of your connector.Next, cross your 4 strings over each other to create your knot for the back of your bracelet.

At step 8 trim off cord  leaving about 2mm and carefully use a lighter or a small drop of glue to seal cord. Once complete, make sure your 4 hanging string are at a comfortable length, trimming if needed.At this point your can tie a small knot at the end of each string, or choose to tie the 2 strings on each side together as we did in our sample kit.If you have any questions about these instructions, please leave a comment to help us improve!

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