Crystal Cross Kit Instructions


Take your 8 Inches of artistic wire and cut them into half leaving you 2 equal lengths.Pinch one end of the wire with round nose pliers to curl the wire and create your circle.On the second piece of wire, make a loop with your round rose pliers in the middle of the wire. This will be the horizontal length of the cross.Go back to your first wire (with loop end) and load the followingBicone / Round / Bicone / Round / BiconeAdd your second artistic wire (Using the middle loop to stack on your bicone.Continue loading beads.Bicone / Round / Bicone Use your round nose pliers to create a loop at the top of your beads, creating the first section of your cross.We will not load the horizontal portion of the cross. Now we need to load our horizontal beads. Add a bicone round and bicone to each side of the wire, and create a loop to hold them in place.Trim all excess wires.To hang cross or use as a book mark, tie the provided ribbon to the top of the cross.


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