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Introducing the Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher: A Larger, More Stunning Addition to Our Crystal Creation Line

by John Woodson 21 Mar 2023 2 Comments

Discover the beauty and satisfaction of crafting your own dazzling sun catcher with our new DIY Sun Catcher Kit - Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher!

Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher Kit (Assembled on purple background)


We're excited to announce the latest addition to our Crystal Creation line of jewelry-making kits: the DIY Sun Catcher Kit - Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher! This stunning new kit allows you to create a larger, more eye-catching version of our popular Guardian Angel Sun Catcher, making it the perfect project for both beginners and seasoned beading enthusiasts alike.

Heavenly angel and guardian angel product size comparison photo

The Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher measures an impressive 2.5 inches when completed, compared to the original Guardian Angel's 1.5 inches, thanks to the larger, high-quality Swarovski pendants included in the kit. The result is a more dazzling and captivating sun catcher that will beautifully illuminate any room with its shimmering crystals.

The DIY Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher Kit features:

  • Larger Swarovski pendants: 40mm pendulum pendant, 14mm shimmer wings, round beads for the head, 3mm bicones, spacers, and 2-hole octagon beads
  • Sparkling crystal rondelles for added elegance
  • Sturdy chain and sterling silver jump rings for secure assembly

Similar to the Guardian Angel, our Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher Kit requires only basic beading techniques, such as opening and closing jump rings and earring wrapping. This makes it an enjoyable and accessible project for anyone looking to explore the world of jewelry-making or simply unwind with a creative and satisfying activity.

Whether you're crafting a thoughtful gift for a loved one or adding a touch of personal flair to your home, the Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher is an enchanting choice. With its larger size and even more brilliant crystals, this sun catcher will not only captivate the eye, but also the heart.

Don't miss out on the chance to create your very own Heavenly Angel Sun Catcher! Order your DIY Sun Catcher Kit today and embark on a delightful journey of creativity, self-expression, and dazzling beauty.

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03 Apr 2023 Too Cute Beads

Hi Christine,

The 2 hole octagon bead it for connecting the 2 pieces of chain together. The drop on the heavenly angel is Strass pendant. I do not believe that size and exact shape was available through Swarovski.

21 Mar 2023 Christine
Why a two hole octagon bead? I make with single. Are are all the beads Swarovski ?

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