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Dainty Oval Bracelet Kit


Unpack your kit and set the package with your magnet clasp, chain, and jump rings along with the package of crimps and covers off to side.

Open your package containing your 3 and 4 mm sterling silver round beads.

Divide them in to equal piles

Cut your beading line in half

Run a piece of your beading line through your CZ oval

With both your wires pull together, add a (3) 3mm rounds followed by (1) 4mm rounds. Repeat this pattern until you’ve used up the beads in your first pile.

Repeat this on the other side of your Cz oval.

Check size you will be adding approximately 3/4 of an inch when finishing your bracelet. If removing beads, make sure that your last bead is the 4mm round.

Take any remaining beads you have left from sizing and move them out of the way before opening your other package of beads 

Now open the package with your magnetic clasp. In this package, you will have 3 mm beads which have a larger hole in them for finishing your bracelet

Start with one side, add a large hole, 3 mm bead, a crimp tube and a large whole 3 mm bead and one end of your magnetic clasp back through your 3 mm bead your crimp tube and your 3 mm bead and pull tightly.

Crimp. trim excess wire and add your crimp covers repeat on the other side.

Use the provided jump rings to attach saftey chain if desired.


Dainty Oval Bracelet Kit

Updated on 25 May 2024