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Moonstone Silver Night Bracelet Kit Instructions

Your kit as pictured is just over 7 inches.  For additional length, we have added 4 extra bicones to adjust length.

Once you've unpacked your kit, center 1 end of your clasp onto your wire.  

Bring the ends together and string a moonstone bead, crimp tube, and moon stone bead.

Separate the wires, and on each wire add a bicone, and moon stone bead 5 times.

Add another bicone on each wire, and your 2 hole Swarovski spacer.

5 more Bicone, and Moonstone patterns on each wire.

Add another bicone on each wire, and your second 2 hole spacer.

5 more bicone moonstone patterns.

Add 1 more bicone on each wire and bring them together. 

String a moonstone, crimp tube, and moonstone bead.

Add your clasp, and back your wire through to your crimp.

Tighten and crimp.



Updated on 20 Sep 2022