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DIY Crystal Creation - Lovely Lavender Kit

Step 1: Carefully unwrap your wire and cut into fourteen 7-inch sections.

Step 2: Take one bead and thread one section of wire through it, so it's positioned in the middle of the wire.

Step 3: Add five pearls to each side of the bead, resulting in ten pearls in total.

Step 4: Take another wire section and thread it through a single pearl. Add five pearls to each side of this single pearl.

Step 5: Twist each side of your wire 3 to 4 times tightly.

Step 6: Use wire cutters to carefully trim off one wire from each side.

Step 7: Bring the two remaining wire pieces down together and twist them together an additional 4-5 times.

Step 8: Repeat steps 2-7 two more times.

Step 9: Add your green bicone beads as shown in the provided picture, in the sequence of 5 bicone beads, followed by 4 bicone beads, and then another 5.

Step 10: Now, take a new wire and thread one bicone bead onto it. Separate the wire ends and add three beads to each side.

Step 11: Twist both sides of the wire.

Step 12: Bring both sets of wires down together and twist. You will now have four wires. Carefully trim off two of the wires.

Step 13: Twist the remaining wires together.

Step 14: Assemble your leaves

Step 15: Assemble your creation following the pattern established above, adding or removing beads as necessary to achieve the desired final design.

DIY Crystal Creation - Lovely Lavender Kit

Updated on 08 May 2024