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Tanzanite Glitter Bracelet Kit Instructions

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  1. Tanzanite Glitter Bracelet Kit Instructions
  2. Final Step:

Tanzanite Glitter Bracelet Kit Instructions

  1. Prepare Your Wire:

    • Unpack your kit and center your clasp on your wire guard and add your wire.
  2. String Bicone and Crimp Tube:

    • Bring the ends of the wire together and string a 4mm bicone, a crimp tube, and another 4mm bicone onto the wires.
  3. Separate the Wires:

    • Now separate your wires and add a small silver bead on each wire.Now add a bicone on each wire, 2 more silver beads.
  4. Add Your Chaton:

    • Position your Chaton between the two silver beads.
  5. Create the Pattern:

    • Add two more silver round beads followed by a bicone and another silver round on each side of the wire.
    • Repeat this pattern until you have used all of your Chatons.
    • Add 2 more silver rounds, 2 bicones, 2 more silver rounds.
  6. Bring Wires Together:

    • After the last set of silver rounds, bring your wires together through a 4mm bicone, a crimp tube, and another 4mm bicone.
  7. Add Chain:

    • Attach your chain to the gathered wires.
  8. Secure the Pattern:

    • Bring your wires back through the 4mm bicone, crimp tube, and the other 4mm bicone.
    • Pull tightly and crimp to secure.
    • Trim any excess wires.
  9. Adjust Chain Length:

    • Measure and decide how much chain you need and adjust accordingly.
  10. Create the Pendant:

    • On your head pins, add a 4mm bicone, a silver round, and another 4mm bicone.
    • Start your wrap at the end of your chain, complete your wrap and trim any excess wire.

Final Step:

Check all connections to make sure they are secure and that all excess wire has been trimmed away. Your elegant Rose Glitter Jewelry piece is now ready to be worn!

Updated on 14 May 2024