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Delicate Dragonfly Bracelet Kit Instructions

Delicate Dragonfly Bracelet Kit

Delicate dragonflies bracelet kit.

This kit can be made up to an 8 inch bracelet

Step 1: start by taking your bicones and your head pins and wrapping each one with a loop large enough to go through your jump ring. Wrap head pin closed. Do this 10 times, and set them to the side.

Step 2: open all of your jump rings

Step 3: Pick up your first jump ring add a wrapped bicone and the head end of a dragonfly. Repeat this eight times. Making sure that you have put your dragonfly in the same direction each time.

Step 4: Finishing your bracelet and sizing: take a jumpRing add the lobster claw, attach it to the jumpRing at the head of your first dragonfly  and close.

take a another jump ring and add your extension chain determine  the size of your bracelet. take another jump ring and add your last bicone to the end to the end of the extension chain.


Updated on 23 May 2024