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Vintage Swarovski Modular Array Earring Kit Instructions

Cut Your Chain: Begin by cutting your chain in half. Put one piece aside as this will be used for your second earring. Then, cut the remaining chain into two equal lengths.

Prepare Your Eye-Pin: Open the loop of your eye-pin and attach one end of a chain to it. Close the loop to secure the chain.

Add the Beads: Slide a small silver bead onto the eye-pin, followed by a Jet Swarovski modular, a Crystal Swarovski Modular, and another Jet Swarovski modular bead. After this, add another small silver bead to the pin.

Connect the Chain: Wrap the eye-pin into the second piece of chain, making sure the loop faces the same direction as the loop on the other side of the pin. Trim any excess wire.

Finishing Touches: Open your jump ring, attach the remaining ends of your chain to it (ensuring the chain is not kinked), and then add your lever back. Close the jump ring to secure everything in place.

Create the Second Earring: Repeat steps 1 to 5 for your second earring.

Congratulations, you've just created a beautiful pair of earrings! Enjoy wearing them or gifting them to someone special.

Updated on 12 Jun 2023