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Stacked Silver Bracelet Kit Instructions

Once you've unpacked your kit, you'll want to add the following to your wire.

Small Round bead / Crimp Bead / Small Round Bead / Clasp.

Back the wire through those 3 beads, pulling tightly and crimping.

Now begin stringing a Rondell Bead, followed by a Small round until you get to your last rondell.

Here you should be able to check the sizing to see if you need to remove any sections.

String a Small round, crimp tube, and Small round followed by the remaining half of your clasp.  

Back your wire through the Small round / Crimp / Small Round and Rondell.

Pull tightly and crimp.

Trim excess wire, and add crimp covers.

use provided jump rings to attach your saftey chain.  


Updated on 18 Apr 2023