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Christmas Bows Bracelet Instructions



Note: The image above shows 4mm Swarovski beads. Due to availability, you kit was made with 6mm Swarovski bicones which reduces the pattern.

1) String a bicone, crimp tube, bicone, and closed ring onto your wire.

2) Back your wire thru, pulling tightly and crimping.

3) Begin your repeating pattern.

Silver round / Bow / Silver Round / Bicone / Silver Round / Emerald Round / Silver Round

4) Repeat to your last bow.

5) String a silver round bicone, crimp tube, bicone, and closed right.

6) Back your wire thru your bicone, crimp and bicone.

7) Pull tightly and crimp.

8) Use provided jump rings to attach your clasp to your closed ring.

9) Trim excess wire, and add crimp covers. 

Updated on 20 Sep 2022