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DIY Bracelet Kit - Luxe Swarovski Bracelet Instructions

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Luxe Swarovski Bracelet

After you unpack your kit, use a pair of round nose pliers to grab your head pin towards the pin head.
Create a small loop, and cut off the flat end of your head pin.
Add your beads, and caps to the pin, following the image.

Loop the other end of your pin, making sure its facing the same direction as your original wrap.

Next you'll need to cut 6 sections of exactly 17 links of chain. It's important for both end links to face the same direction.
Use a jump ring to attach 3 chains to 1 side of the
Line your chains up, and add a second jump ring to the other side of your chain. Make sure your chains line up the same way.
Use left over chain to cut a safety chain to size, and attach to your magnetic clasp.
To finish, use your last 2 jump rings to connect your magnetic clasp to the jump rings at the ends of your chains.

Connect your charm.

Updated on 08 May 2024