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Mixed Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet Kit Instructions

Your kit contains 5 additional gemstone along with 2 additional jump rings and bicone if you need larger than a standard size.

Once you've unpacked your bracelet kit, separate your gemstones by color to make it easier to follow the photo.

On your wire string a silver seamless round, corrugated round, crimp tube, bicone, and seamless round.  Add your clasp, and back those beads.

Pull tightly and crimp.

Begin your pattern. (follow photo for colors)

5 gemstones / Seamless Round / Corrugated Round / Seamless Round

Repeat following the photo, adding a crimp tube at the end instead of a seamless round.

String a bicone, seamless round, and your closed ring.  

Back through your seamless bead, bicone, and crimp tube.

Pull tightly and crimp.

Trim excess wire, and add crimp covers to complete your kit.


Updated on 20 Sep 2022