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Captured Crystal Snowflake Sun Catcher Kit Instructions

Once you've unpacked your kit, remove your protective paper or plastic from both
sides of your acrylic pieces.

Take your chain, count up 5 links and cut on the 6th.

Repeat 5 times.

Leave remaining piecefor the top.

Set your chains aside.

Unpack your 15 jump rings, and open.
Begin constructing your sun catcher from the bottom to the top following
these steps.

1) Add a heart to the center of your bottom smaller acrylic snowflake. (your bottom snowflake will only have a hole at one of the points)

2) Take a second jump ring and attach your snowflake (by the jump
ring) to a piece of your cut chain and close.

3) Use another jump ring to attach the other end of the chain to your octagon. 

Continue using jump rings to completely assemble following the image. 


Captured Crystal Snowflake Sun Catcher Kit Instructions


Updated on 11 Jul 2024