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Spooky Charm Halloween Bracelet Kit Instructions

Spooky Charm Halloween Bracelet Kit

Step 1: Carefully remove the protective coating from your acrylic charms.

Step 2: Using your pliers, open the first jump ring. Slide on one of the charms and then thread the closed ring onto the jump ring. Carefully close the jump ring to ensure the charm and the closed ring are secured.

Step 3: Open the second jump ring. Attach this jump ring to the closed ring from step 3. Close the jump ring securely.

Step 4: Repeat the above two steps for the second charm.

Step 5: Stretch out the elastic cord to prevent future loosening.

Step 6: Begin the beading sequence. Start by threading an orange briolette onto the elastic, followed by one of your charms. Continue the pattern:

  • Orange Briolette
  • Charm
  • Orange briolette
  • Squaredell bead
  • Orange briolette
  • Orange briolette
  • Stainless silver bead

Step 7: Repeat step 7, but omit the charm until your last 2 orange briolette beads.

Step 8: Slide on your large hole black beads.

Step 9: Carefully tie a secure knot with the two ends of the elastic cord. Ensure the knot is tight and snug between the beads.

Step 10: Add a small drop of super glue or clear nail polish to the knot to ensure it's secure. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 11: Once the glue is dry, trim off any excess elastic close to the knot using scissors or nippers. If possible, tuck the knot inside one of the large hole black beads so it remains concealed.



Updated on 07 May 2024