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Murano Lariat Necklace Kit Instructions

Assemble your button following the image and run both end ofyour leather through the
opening. DO NOT try to force the button together. Squeeze just enough to align the openings.
Put the leather, with the button over your head to determine where you would like your necklace to sit. Once you’ve determined your length, use scissors to trim the ends of the leather on a slight angle.
Slide a 6mm round onto each side of your leather. Add a drop of glue to the end of your leather and slide it into your end cap. Repeat this for the other end of your leather. Be sure the circle of end cap is facing the same direction as your slider.
On your head pins, add a murano heart and wrap. Trim excess wires, and use the provided jump rings to connect to your end cap.


Murano Lariat Necklace KitMurano Lariat Necklace




Updated on 17 May 2024