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United Bracelet Kit

United Bracelet Kit


Once you've unpacked your bracelet kit, unpack your knotting cord.

Create a knot 4.5 inches up 1 side of your knotting cord

On the other end, put glue on the end of your cord, and let harden.  Cut to a needle point to make loading beads easier.

String your beads following the pattern above (There are additional beads for sizing if needed).

Once you've finished stringing your beads, check sizing, and knot the cord again to hold your beads in place.

Measure another 4.5 inches up, and cut remaining cord to create your knot.

Now place your cords next to each other, using the cord to cut to create the know. 

Place the cut piece under your 2 cord, and follow the guide to create 3 knots.

Cut off excess knotting cord, and use glue to secure.

Add your beads to the ends of your cords, check sizing, and knot in place.



Updated on 15 May 2024