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Tantalizing Tube Bangle Bracelet Kit Instructions

Tantalizing Tube Bangle Bracelet KitInstructions:

Step 1: Start by stretching out your elastic. This will make it easier to work with and help the bracelet keep its shape.

Step 2: Slide your silver tube onto the elastic.

Step 3: Next, add a 5 mm round silver bead onto the elastic.

Step 4: Now, start stringing your 4 mm round beads onto the elastic. Continue to do this until all the beads are on the elastic.

Step 5: Once all the round beads are on the elastic, add the tassel.

Step 6: Follow the tassel with another 5 mm round silver bead.

Step 7: Finally, tie a knot underneath the silver tube to secure all the elements on the bracelet. Pull the knot tightly to ensure that everything stays in place.

Your Silver Tube Bracelet is now complete! Remember to trim any excess elastic for a clean finish.


Updated on 01 May 2024