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Onyx Gemstone Wrap Bracelet Instructions

After you've unpacked your kit, begin by centering your button on your leather cord and using your knotting cord to create a macreme knot following the guide below.


Now that your knot is created, it is important that you either burn the ends, or glue the ends of your knotting cord, and use a set of nippers to cut them to a point.  This allows you to more easily double your cord through the gem stones.

Now that we have our knot, we will begin to add our gemstones. You'll need to start with your cords going under the leather, through the bead, then over the leather. Wrap around the cord again, then add your next gemstone.

Repeat this process until you've reached your desired length.

To finish the bracelet, repeat the knot we created at the beginning of the bracelet, using glue to secure lose ends before trimming.

With the remaining leather, you'll need to create an overhand knot approximately the buttons length from your macramé knot.

Secure with glue, and trim additional leather.

Onyx Gemstone Wrap Braceletknot instruction

macramé knot



Updated on 21 May 2024