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Mixed Metals Gold and Silver Link Earring Kit Instructions

Keep all sections of cut chain seperated by length.

count up 8 links, cut on the 9th.

repeat 3 time.

Count 10 link, cut on thre 11th.

Repeat 3 times.

Count 12 links, cut on the 13th

Repeat once.

Count up 3 links, cut on the 4th.

Repeat once.

Open your large jump ring and add your chains in the following order

8 link / 10 link / 12 link / 10 link / 8 link / 3 link.

Close your large jump ring.

Open all of your 5mm jump rings.

Add 1 jump ring to the end of each of your chains, and close.

Open your lever back, attaching the shortest link of chain, and close.

Repear for your next earring.

Happy Beading.


Updated on 14 Oct 2022