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Winter Sparkle Christmas Ornament

Winter Sparkle Christmas Ornament

Once you've unpacked your kit, take your large crystal sphere, wire, 1 jump ring and bicones to create the bail that will allow the sphere to dangle.

Center the large crystal sphere on your wire.

Add 2 bicones on each side of the wire, then bring the wires together through a 5th bicone.

Create a wrap, as you would an earring, and trim excess wire.

Open your jump ring, and at the loop.

Now you'll need your large blue acrylic circle.  Connect the sphere with the jump ring to allow it to dangle inside.

Close your jump ring and set this part aside.

Next, take the chain from your kit. You will need to cut your chain before assembling the rest of the kit.

Count up 3 links, and cut on the 4th. (do this 3 times total)

Count up 4 links and cut on the 5th. (Do this only one time)

Set your remaining chain aside.

Next, open all of your jump ring, and we can begin to assemble.

Follow the diagram starting from the bottom

jump ring connection

Once you've completed the guide above, you'll add the following to your eye-pin.

Blue bicone / Silver Bead / Bow / Silver Bead / Bicone.

Wrap into your remaining chain, and trim excess wire to complete.



Updated on 14 May 2024