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August Birthstone Bracelet Kit Instructions

August Birthstone Bracelet Kit InstructionsMaterials Needed:

  • Kit (containing the necessary beads, wires, and clasp)
  • Crimp bead
  • Crimp cover
  • Toggle clasp
  • 3mm Sterling Silver bead
  • 2mm sterling silver beads
  • 4mm bicone beads
  • Briolette beads
  • Crimp Tool
  • Wire nipper


Step 1: Unpack your kit.

Step 2: Center the ring part of your toggle clasp onto your wire.

Step 3: Bring the ends of your wires together. String a 3mm bead, and a bicone bead onto both wires.

Step 4: Now separate the wires. On each wire add the following pattern:

  • 2mm sterling silver bead
  • 4mm bicone bead
  • 2mm sterling silver bead
  • 4mm bicone bead
  • 2mm sterling silver bead

Step 5: Cross the wires through your briolette bead.

Step 6: Repeat the bead pattern from Step 4 until you only have 1 bicone bead remaining.

Step 7: Bring the wires together again. Add your last bicone bead, a crimp bead, and the bar end of the toggle clasp.

Step 8: Check the sizing of your bracelet, If necessary, remove any unneeded rings with your wire nipper.

Step 9: Thread the wire back through your crimp bead and the last bicone bead. Pull tightly.

Step 10: Secure everything in place by crimping the crimp bead with your wire nipper or a crimp tool. Add crimp Cover


Updated on 14 May 2024