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Linked Turquoise Bracelet Kit Instructions

Linked Turquoise Bracelet Kit Instructions

Step 1: Ensure that all your eye-pins are securely closed.

Step 2: Load 6-8 gemstone chips onto each eye-pin. Try to make each one roughly equal. Once loaded, wrap the eye-pin to secure the gemstone chips.

Step 3: Open all of your jump rings.

Step 4: Link your turquoise sections together using the jump rings. Make sure to securely close each jump ring after attaching it.

Step 5: Use your remaining jump rings to attach your clasp to one side of the jewelry and the chain to the other.

Step 6: Verify the extension length of your jewelry. If necessary, trim the chain to adjust the length.

Step 7: Add two gemstone chips to a head pin, then wrap this into the end of your chain.

Remember to always work carefully to ensure the quality and durability of your jewelry piece. Happy crafting!

Updated on 14 May 2024