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Mixed Metal Link Bracelet Kit Instructions

Set aside your smallest rose gold jump ring, and open all the rest of your rings 

Cut 3 equal lengths of chain   

Take a large rose gold jump ring Add 1 end of your 3 chain pieces 

Close your jump ring   

Count down 9 links, and cut on the 10th 

 Make sure all chain are face the same direction, taking care to remove any twist in the chain. 

Mixed Metal Link Bracelet Kit

Add a rose gold jump ring to the 3 9 link piece of chain and add your longer pieces of chain and close. 

Again, cut on the 10th link, straighten chain carefully again Add another rose gold  jump ring and your 3 longer pieces of chain. 


 Repeat to your last rose gold jump ring. 

 Use your 2 small silver jump rings to attach your small rose gold ring to one of the large rose gold rings at the end of your bracelet. 

 At this point, if you wear a 7 inch bracelet, simply add your clasp the the large rose gold jump on the other side of your bracelet.  

For a large size, do the following. Use 1 or 2 of your remaining jump rings to connect your clasp to your 10mm rose gold jump ring for additional length. 

 Finally, attach your butterfly on one of your large rose gold jump rings.


Updated on 16 May 2024