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DIY Jewelry Kit - Blue Dragonfly Bangle Bracelet Kit

DIY Jewelry Kit - Blue Dragonfly Bangle Bracelet Kit

For a 7 inch bracelet follow the photo above.

If you need 7 1/2 in your first two patterns add an extra Rondelle bead after the dragonfly.

If you need an 8 inch bracelet in the first two sections after the dragonfly add three beads to each section, you have been provided Extra gemstone beads

step one cut your wire in half.

step two run 1/2 of your wire through one end of your dragonfly, bring wires together and add a 3mm silver bead. step three start adding the appropriate amount of gemstone Rondell beads, followed by a 3 mm round bead, followed by gemstone beads. 3mm silver round and then into your silver tube, round, 2 gemstone beads, round, 2 gemstone beads, crimp tube, wire guard, and one half of your magnetic clasp.

Bring your wires back thru your crimp tube and one set of your gemstone beads.

Pull tightly and crimp.

Repeat steps for second half of bracelet.

Add your crimp covers and safety chain and enjoy your new jewelry!


Updated on 01 May 2024