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Crystal Creation Kit - Sunshine Sunflower Instructions


1. Cut your stainless steel wire into six 7-inch sections.

2. Load the 7 heart beads onto one of the wire sections.

3. Take your wire and thread them through three heart beads. Pull tightly.

4. Add yout round crystal bead and feed the wire through it as shown in the reference picture. Pull the wires tight.

5. Position your wires around the flower petals so they sit behind the flower. Using bent nose pliers, pull and twist your wires together. Spin the wires approximately 10 times.

6. Take another wire section you previously cut. Load it with three dark green beads, bring your wires together, and twist them. Carefully trim off one of the twisted wires. Repeat this step four more times.

8. You should end up with three light green stems and two dark green stems, which represent the leaves.

9. Load the required number of bicones onto each stem as per the reference picture.

10. Take the three light green stems and feed all their wires through a single bicone.

11. Bring all the wires from the five stems and the flower through your large crystal bead. Pull down tightly.

12. Feed all the wires through the large hole silver bead. Push this silver bead up against the bottom of the large crystal. Pull the wires tightly.

13. Smash the silver bead with a press tool to create a crimp, ensuring it's secure.

14. Trim away any excess wire. Push the crimped bead flush against the large crystal.

15. Remove the protective paper from the back of the acrylic ring.

16. Apply glue to the ring's base and affix your crystal flower setting so it stands upright. Allow to dry based on the glue's recommended drying time.

Crystal Creation Kit - Sunshine Sunflower

Updated on 17 May 2024