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Bodacious Bordeaux Earring Kit Instructions

Bodacious Bordeaux Earring Kit Instructions1. Setup: Unpack your earring kit and organize all the components on a clean workspace.

2. Creating the Pearl Drop:

  • Take a headpin and thread on the following in order: a bead cap, pearl, and another bead cap.
  • Using your round-nose pliers, make a wrapped loop at the top of the bead arrangement, creating a closed loop. Make sure the loop is snug against the top bead cap.
  • Using wire cutters or nippers, trim off any excess wire protruding from the wrapped loop.

3. Assembling the Earring:

  • Open the loop at the base of your eye-pin using your pliers.
  • Hook the loop of the pearl drop you've just created onto the opened loop of the eye-pin.
  • Close the loop of the eye-pin securely.
  • Onto the same eye-pin, thread the following sequence: bicone, rondell, bicone.
  • After adding the beads, make another wrapped loop at the top to secure the beads in place. Again, trim any excess wire using your nippers.

4. Finishing the Earring:

  • Open the loop at the base of the ear wire slightly using your pliers.
  • Attach the wrapped loop at the top of your beaded eye-pin to the ear wire.
  • Close the loop of the ear wire securely.

5. Repeat: Follow the same steps to create your second earring, ensuring it mirrors the first.

Final Thoughts: With these steps, you've crafted a pair of elegant pearl drop earrings with shimmering bicones and rondells. They make a timeless addition to any jewelry collection and can be paired with various outfits for a touch of sophistication.


Updated on 08 May 2024