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Vintage Centerstage Earring Kit Instructions

Vintage Centerstage Earring KitInstructions:

Step 1: Gather all your materials. Ensure that your working space is well-lit and organized so you can easily access all the components.

Step 2: Slide the following beads onto the head pin in this order:

  • 2.5mm multi bead
  • 4.5mm multi rondell bead
  • 14mm Swarovski crystal
  • 4.5mm multi rondell bead
  • 2.5mm multi bead

Step 3: Holding the head pin, use the round-nose pliers to start forming a loop. Before closing the loop completely, slide on the CZ connector.

Step 4: Continue wrapping the wire around the base of the loop to create a few coils. This not only secures the beads in place but also gives a professional finish. The technique, often referred to as a "wrapped loop," ensures that your beads stay securely on the earring.

Step 5: Trim any excess wire protruding from the loop using wire cutters or nippers.

Step 6: Open the loop on the bottom of the lever back earring component slightly. Attach the loop of the CZ connector to it.

Step 7: Close the loop securely on the lever back to ensure your earring dangle doesn't fall off.

Step 8: Repeat all the steps for the second earring to complete the pair.

Congratulations! You've created a stunning pair of Swarovski crystal earrings with multi rondell and multi beads, ready to be worn or gifted!


Updated on 23 May 2024