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Very Valentines Sun Catcher Kit

Very Valentines Sun Catcher Kit

Unpack your kit, and remove the plastic covering on both sides of your acrylic hearts.

Now take your chain, count up five link, and  cut on the sixth link  

Do this twice and set the remaining chain aside 

Very Valentines Sun Catcher Kit

On your large heart, take your crystal tattoo, peel off the clear paper which will release your flat backs.  Do this carefully. Take your crystal heart and place Gently onto your large red heart. remove the crystal flat backs covering the hole on the heart and place it on your small red heart in the center.

Now press everything firmly in place.

Open your jump rings.

Pick up one of your jump rings, and add your crystal heart to the center of your large heart.

Close jump ring.

Take another jump ring to the top hole in your heart. Add your first five link piece of chain.


On the other end of your chain, add another jump ring and attach your crystal octagon.

Close jump ring

Take another jump ring add it to your crystal octagon and another piece of your 5 link chain.

Add to your small red heart (bottom hole) and close.

Take another jump ring add to the top of your small red heart and your remaining chain.

Close with your last jump ring hook it to the top of your chain.




Updated on 25 Apr 2024