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Twilight Sparkle Earring Kit Instructions

Cut your wire in half.

Twilight Sparkle Earring Kit Instructions

Set your crimp covers to the side.

On one half, center a gold bead.

Bring the ends of your wire together and string a turquoise bicone, and gold bead.

Separate wires, and on each wire string a turquoise bicone, gold round, 3 jet bicones, a gold round, and a turquoise bicone.

Bring wires together, and pull tightly.

Take both wires through your turquoise bicone. 

Add your closed ring, and take both wires back through your bicone and wrap underneath 2 times.

Trim wire, and cover with your crimp cover.

Attach your ear wire and repeat for your second earring.


Updated on 08 May 2024