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Christmas Sparkle Ornament Kit Instructions

Instructions:Christmas Sparkle Ornament Kit Instructions
Start with the Pendulum Drop:
•Slide your pendulum drop onto your stainless steel wire.
•Add a 2 mm silver round bead to each side of the wire next to the pendulum drop.
•Now, on each side of the wire, string a 4 mm Siam bicone, a 4 mm clear bicone, another Siam bicone, and another 2 mm silver round.
•Bring the wires together and add your 8mm round bead onto both wires.
•Pull tightly at the top of the 8 mm bead and create a loop with the wires.
•Take an eyepin and string a 12 mm Crystal bicone, your "bling" bead, and another Crystal bicone.
•Wrap the eyepin closed to secure the beads.
•Open a jump ring and thread it through the loop at the top of the section with the 8 mm bead.
•Before closing the jump ring, also thread the loop of the eyepin with the bling bead onto the jump ring, then close it securely.
•On a new eyepin, add a 6 mm bicone, an 8 mm round bead, and another 6 mm bicone.
•Wrap this eyepin closed as well.
•Take another eyepin and thread it through the loop of the second eyepin assembly.
•On this eyepin, add a 4 mm crystal, your bow bead, and another 4 mm crystal.
•Wrap the eyepin closed to secure the beads.
•Add your final jump ring to the loop of the last eyepin assembly.
•Once all components are securely attached, your piece is now ready to enjoy!
Remember to check each connection to ensure that all parts are securely fastened and there are no sharp edges from the wrapping wire. If needed, use jewelry pliers to tighten and neaten any loops or wraps. Enjoy your handcrafted jewelry piece!

Updated on 25 May 2024