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Golden Shadow Spike Bracelet Kit Instructions

Center your clasp on your wire. Bring the ends of your wire together.   

 Add a 5mm bicone, crimp, 5mm bicone and gold round onto both wire. 

 Separate your wires and add 1 gold round on each strand. 

 Begin your pattern on both strands Bicone /  Round Spike Bead / Bicone / Gold Round / Bicone / Square Spike Bead 

 After your last pattern a 1 bicone and 1 gold round to each wire. 

 Bring wires together Add a gold round, bicone, crimp, bicone, and the other end of your magnetic clasp. 

 Pull wire tightly and back through your bicone, crimp and bicone. 

Pull tightly again. 

 Crimp, trim excess wire, and add crimp cover. 

 Use provided jump rings to attach safety chain.


Updated on 20 Sep 2022