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DIY Crystal Creations Kit - Stunning Pink Flower Kit Instructions

DIY Crystal Creations Kit - Stunning Pink Flower Kit

  1. Begin with a wire and cut seven pieces, each measuring 6 inches.
  2. Remove the paper from the acrylic.
  3. Start the assembly process.
  4. Take one piece of wire and string seven hearts onto it.
  5. Pass the wire back through three of the hearts, pulling tightly.
  6. Take a round bead and cross both wires through. pulling tightly. You can use round-nose or bent-nose pliers for this step.
  7. Twist the wires together by grabbing both of them very close to the top and twisting four or five times (not more than that).
  8. Carefully cut off one of the wires. Repeat this step for the second flower and set them aside.
  9. Proceed to create the leaves and stems.
  10. Take another piece of wire and string three bicone beads onto it. Use round-nose or bent-nose pliers to grab the wires close together and twist them four or five times. Carefully cut off one of the wires. Repeat this step four more times.
  11. Now it's time to add the bicone beads to the stems. Use two beads with eight beads each, two with five beads each, and one with six beads.
  12. Next, assemble the flower and stems into the large gemstone.
  13. Take one of the flowers and add three bicone beads. Insert the wire through the gemstone, but avoid pulling it tightly. Add the second flower to the gemstone in a similar manner. Then, pick up each leaf stem and insert them through the gemstone as well.
  14. Using round-nose or bent-nose pliers, pull each wire down tightly to arrange the flowers and stems as desired.
  15. Feed all the wires through a crimp tube and pull it down tightly. Flatten the crimp tube and cut off the excess wires. Fold the crimp tube up to the gemstone.
  16. Apply a small amount of glue around the gemstone and the crimp tube, being careful in the process.
  17. Finally, place your completed flower onto the desk and enjoy your finished project.


Updated on 25 May 2024