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Purple Passion sun Catcher Kit Instructions

Purple Passion sun Catcher Kit

Once you've unpacked your sun catcher kit, open the package containing you Strass sphere. In that package you will have. 1 Strass Sphere, Seven 3mm Swarovski bicones, 1 small jump ring.

Now take your beading wire, center your sphere on the wire.  Add 3 bicones to each side of wire, and bring both wires together, and thru your 7th 3mm bicone.

Pull tightly and create a wrapped loop (as you would an earring). Trim excess wire.

Next, take your frame, and remove all protective plastic on both sides. 

Take the small jump ring that was in your sphere package and open.

Use the jump ring to connect your sphere to the inside bottom of your frame loop.

Set aside and open your next crystal package containing 2 octagons, and a 10mm virtual light bicone.

On the provided eye-pin, add your 10mm bicone, wrapping closed, and trimming excess wire.

Open all your jump rings and begin assembling.

Add the first ring to the top of your frame and close.

Next connect a second jumping to the first and close.

Next add a 3rd jump ring and your first octagon, and close.

Connect your 4th jump ring thru your octogon and loop of your bicone.

Close jump ring.

Use your 5th jump-ring to connect the top of your bicone to your second octagon. 

Close jump ring.

Use your 6th jump to connect the top of your second octagon to your length of chain.

Determine your length, and trim chain if needed.

Add your last jump ring to the end of your chain, close, and hang!

wrapped loop




Updated on 23 May 2024