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Crystal Violet Angel Suncatcher Kit Instructions

Table of Contents

  1. Crystal Violet Angel Suncatcher KitSteps:
  2. Final Steps:

Crystal Violet Angel Suncatcher KitSteps:

  1. Thread Wire through Cross:

    • Start by threading your beading wire through the cross pendant.
  2. Add Bicones:

    • Add three 3mm bicone beads to each end of the wire.
  3. Merge Wires:

    • Bring the wires together and add one more 3mm bicone bead to them.
  4. Add Beads:

    • Now, add a crystal round bead, a violet football bead, and another crystal round bead in sequence on the wire.
  5. Secure the Beads:

    • Pull the wire tightly and create a wrap to secure the beads in place.
  6. Prepare Eye Pin 1:

    • Take an eye pin and open it slightly.
    • Attach it to the loop you have just created and close it.
    • Now, on this eye pin, add a 3mm violet bead, a teardrop bead, angel wings, a round bead, and a crystal rondell in sequence.
  7. Add Final Bead & Wrap:

    • Add a flat bead at last and wrap the end of the eye pin to close it securely.
  8. Prepare Eye Pin 2:

    • Take another eye pin, open it slightly, and attach it to the wrap you just created.
    • Close it securely.
    • Add a 3mm bead, a round bead, another violet football bead, a round bead, and another 3mm violet bead in sequence on this eye pin.
  9. Secure Second Eye Pin:

    • Wrap the end of the second eye pin to close it securely.
  10. Add Jump Rings (Optional):

    • If you wish, you can now add provided jump rings to the pendant for additional detailing or to attach it to a chain.

Final Steps:

Make sure all the wraps and eye pins are securely closed to ensure the durability of the pendant. If you’re going to wear it as a necklace, attach it to a suitable chain, and your handmade Violet Cross Pendant is ready to wear!

Updated on 16 May 2024