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Center Stage Bracelet Kit Instructions

Center Stage Bracelet Kit Instructions

Step 1: Begin by cutting your wire in half. Divide your beads equally into two sets. Set one half of the wire and one set of beads aside for the later part of your bracelet.

Step 2: Take the first half of your wire. Add your CZ connector and center on the wire

Step 3: Take both ends of the wire through a crimp tube and crimp. Use the large multi-cut to hide your crimp.

Step 4: Add a sterling silver multi-cut round

Step 5: Add a sterling silver multi-cut rondell.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have used your last rondell.

Step 7:  Add a 2.5mm multi-cut,crimp tube,2.5mm multi-cut, then your magnetic clasp. Thread the wires back through your multi-cut,crimp tube, multi cut, and rondell.

Its a good idea to check sizing here

Step 8: Pull the wires tightly and crimp the crimp tube to secure clasp and add a crimp cover.

Step 9: Take the second half of your wire and repeat steps 2 to 8

Step 10: Use the provided jump rings to attach your saftey chain.



Updated on 14 May 2024