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Midnight Weave Earring - Jewelry Making Kit Instructions

Midnight Weave Earring - Jewelry Making Kit Instructions

Once you've unpacked your kit, open your jump ring to add your Crystal pendants, and large silver bead.

Close your jump ring.

Center the bead on your wire, allowing the pendant to hang, and add a bicone to each side.

Add a small silver round to each wire, cross them through your montee, adding another silver round and bicone. Make sure to tighten to allow your montees to site correctly.

Repeat these steps to your last bicone.  

Bring both wires through your crimp tube, adding a closed ring, and backing through your crimp tube, spliting the wires, and back each wire through a bicone.

Make adjustments where needed before you crimp.

Crimp, and trim excess wires.

Add your crimp cover, and attach your ear wire.

Repeat for your second earring.


DIY kit of making Crystal pendants



Updated on 26 Apr 2024