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DIY Jewelry Kit - Very Berry Bracelet Instructions

DIY Jewelry Kit - Very Berry Bracelet InstructionsStep 1: Stretch your elastic. This will make it more flexible and easier to work with, and use the provided pin to clear out your pearl holes.

Step 2: Start by adding a small silver bead to your elastic.

Step 3: Begin your repeating pattern. This pattern consists of three pearls and one rondelle bead.

Step 4: Continue repeating the pattern until you're ready to add the last pearl bead.

Step 5: After the last pearl, add another small silver bead.

Step 6: Follow this by adding your pavé bead (a bead encrusted with small gemstones).

Step 7: Finally, tie a secure knot to finish off your bracelet. Make sure the knot is tight to prevent any beads from falling off.

This simple but elegant pattern should give you a lovely bracelet. Remember to double-check your knot to ensure it's secure, and enjoy your crafting!


Updated on 14 May 2024