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DIY Jewelry Kit - Butterflies In Flight Bracelet Or Anklet Instructions

Butterflies In Flight Bracelet

Step 1: Start by threading the following onto your wire in this order:

  1. Butterfly bead (you can follow the image or create your own pattern)
  2. Small silver bead
  3. Crimp tube
  4. Wire guard
  5. Lobster clasp

Step 2: Thread your wire back through the crimp tube, the small 2mm silver bead, and the butterfly bead. Apply pressure to the crimp tube to secure your lobster clasp.

Step 3: Begin your repeating pattern. This pattern is as follows:

  1. 2mm silver bead
  2. Crimp tube
  3. 2mm silver bead
  4. Butterfly bead

Step 4: Repeat this pattern:

  • 5 times for a bracelet
  • 9 times for an anklet

Step 5: After repeating the pattern the necessary number of times, add the following to your wire:

  1. 2mm silver bead
  2. Crimp tube
  3. One end of your chain

Step 6: Thread your wire back through to your first butterfly bead. Pull the wire tightly, and crimp the tube to secure your chain.

Step 7: Trim your extension chain to the desired length.

Step 8: Open your jump ring and add your butterfly charm to complete your jewelry piece.

Updated on 07 May 2024