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DIY Jewelry Kit - Luminous Lampwork Earring and Pendant Instructions

Pendant Instructions

Step 1: Begin by taking your open jump ring, and insert it into your pearl. Add your closed ring to the same jump ring, then close the jump ring. Set this piece aside.

Step 2: Take your wire and evenly divide it. Center it around your round nose pliers and pull both ends upward simultaneously to create a loop.

Step 3: Now, cradle the loop you just made around your lampwork ring (the large focal bead).

Step 4: Thread the wire through the closed ring of your pearl pendant that you set aside in step 1.

Step 5: Take the back two wires (the ones not attached to the pearl pendant), thread them through the loop and pull up tightly. Make sure that your pearl pendant dangles freely.

Step 6: With your round nose pliers, start to wrap the wire around both the pendant's wire and the loop's wire. Make sure to wrap it around three times to secure it tightly.

Step 7: Use your wire cutters (nippers) to trim off the excess wire. This includes the wire standing straight up and the wire you have wrapped around.

Ensure to work carefully to guarantee the quality of your jewelry. Happy crafting!

Earring Instructions

Step 1: Cut your chain into two equal pieces. Make sure that the ending links on both pieces are facing the same direction. Set one piece aside for your second earring.

Step 2: Add your briolette bead to your headpin. Wrap it closed, ensuring the loop you create is large enough for your chain to slide through.

Step 3: Thread your chain through the loop you've just created with the briolette and headpin.

Step 4: Bring the chain up both sides of your lampwork ring, creating a loop around the ring.

Step 5: Connect the ends of the chain to your ear wire to finish the earring.

Repeat steps 2-5 with the second piece of chain to create your second earring. Remember to work carefully to ensure the quality and durability of your earrings. Happy crafting!

Updated on 07 Jul 2023