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DIY Jewelry Kit - Swarovski Double Frame Necklace Kit Instructions

Step 1: Take your wire and align it equally with your round nose pliers.

Step 2: Create a loop as shown in step one, bringing both sides up.

Step 3: Center your small frame within the larger one.

Step 4: Thread the loop through both pieces, ensuring to leave enough wire to thread your two wires through.

Step 5: Gently lift both of your wires, pressing the silver around the point of the frame.

Step 6: Pull each wire up tightly. Keep one wire straight up.

Step 7: With the other wire, begin to create a wrap. Wrap it around both wires a couple of times to ensure that your frame is secure and tight.

Step 8: Neatly tuck off the second wire inside the loop.

Step 9: Finally, attach your completed piece to your leather.


Updated on 29 Jun 2023