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Moonlight Chain Linked Bracelet Kit Instructions

Once you’ve unpacked your kit, begin by opening all 8 small jump rings, 6 aside, with your owlet, leaving 2 for your clasp at end of the bracelet.

Next, take your long piece of chain. You will need to cut every 7th link until you have 6 small chain. Set them aside with your owlet and jump rings.

Take 5 larger jump rings, open, and start a second pile of components.

Next, we will cut the chain, but here, we need to cut every 8th link until you have 12 chains. Add to the area with your larger jump rings

Set the remaining chain into a final pile with your clasp.

Now we can begin to assemble.

Starting with a small jumping (from the owlet pile) add 1 chains (from the same pile) and take it through your owlet and close.

Repeat 2 more times.

Now, take one of your large jump rings (from your second pile of components), and add the 3 chains you’ve connected to your owlet making sure the links are not tangled. Then add 3 more chains (the longer ones), and close your jump ring.

Take another large jump ring, repeat the process, but adding a small jump ring (There are additional jump rings to extend the bracelet as needed. We suggest beginning with the larger jump ring and move down as needed), and half of your clasp, and safety to the end.

Repeat for the other side of your bracelet. 


Updated on 19 Sep 2022