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Jet Hematite And Baroque Pearl Bracelet Kit

Jet Hematite And Baroque Pearl Bracelet Kit

1. Pre-stretch: Before starting, make sure to stretch out the elastic cord a few times. This helps in preventing the bracelet from becoming too loose after wearing it a few times.

2. Begin stringing: Start by threading a bicone bead onto the elastic cord.

3. Add pearls: Next, thread a small baroque pearl, followed by another bicone bead.

4. Continue pattern: Now, add a large baroque pearl onto the elastic cord.

5. Repeat: Continue this pattern – bicone, small baroque pearl, bicone, large baroque pearl – until you've reached the desired length of the bracelet or until you're left with one last bicone bead.

6. End sequence: After the last repeated pattern, add the final bicone bead.

7. Add large hole bead: Thread the large hole bead onto the elastic cord.

8. Size check: Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to check the sizing. Depending on your preference and wrist size, you may want to add or remove beads.

9. Knotting: Once you're satisfied with the size, tie a secure knot with the two ends of the elastic cord. Make sure to pull tightly so the knot is secure.

10. Hide the knot: Slide the knot under the large hole bead to conceal it.

11. Optional – Secure with glue: For added security, you can put a dab of clear jewelry glue or clear nail polish on the knot. Let it dry thoroughly before wearing.

12. Trim excess: Using scissors, trim any excess elastic cord sticking out from the knot, but be careful not to cut too close to the knot itself.

Enjoy wearing your beautiful elastic bracelet!

Updated on 14 May 2024