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Minimalist Metals Earring Kit

Minimalist Metals Earring Kit

Once you’ve unpacked your kit, pick up one of your eye-pins, and load 1 end of your chain, then the other end.

Now let your chain dangle, and cut in the center making sure your last links are facing the same direction as the links on top.

Remove the eye-pin from your chain, setting 1 aside for your second earring.

Now you will need to run the included wire through 1 end of your chain bringing the ends to pull the beads through.

String 5 silver beads, 1 rose gold bead, and 5 more silver beads. Make sure to center on your chain.
Remove your beading wire to use for your next earring.
Open your eye-pin and each end of your chain.

Close your eye-pin
Now repeat these steps for your second earring.

Check to make sure your chain isn’t twisted. You may need to make adjustments for length as well.

Add your rose gold bead, large silver bead, and rose gold bead. Wrap your eye-pin in the same direction as the bottom eye-pin loop. Trim wire, and add your lever back.

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Updated on 15 May 2024