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Double Strand Blue African Turquoise Bracelet Kit Instructions

Double Strand Blue African Turquoise Bracelet Kit

Unpack your kit
Cut 10 inches of cord and set aside
Cut remaining cord in half
Prep each end of the cord with either glue or lighter pulling it out and making it stiff cut to a point.

Wrap head pin as seen below.

trim excess wire
Add a crystal bead, and wrap the other end. Making sure both loops are going in the same direction.

Repeat for the rest of your clear beads
Begin stringing with a multi cut bead on each piece of cord, and begin the patter of gemstones and crystals.

Make sure you have equal length of chord on each side
Pull your beads in place,start with one side
Create a double knot .
Repeat on other side of the bracelet.


Cross cords over each other and create your macrame knots (cut and melt ends when done, being careful not to burn your 4 dangle cords).

Add a gemstone to each remaining cord
Knot and trim excess.


Updated on 07 May 2024