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DIY Bracelet Kit - Tantalizing Tila Bracelet Instructions

DIY Bracelet Kit - Tantalizing Tila Bracelet InstructionsCenter 1 end of your clasp on your wire making your ends even

Bring the ends of your wire together, and strinf a crimp tube onto both wires.

Seperate your wires, adding a 2mm bead onto each wire to begin your pattern.

String the following

3 tilas

2mm silver bead


2mm silver beads 

Repeat to your last 2mm silver beads.

Bring both wire through your crimp tube, the other end of your clasp, and back through the crimp tube, and 2mm beads.  Pull tightly.

Check sizing, Adjust as needed, Crimp, trim excess wires, and add crimp covers.

Use provided jump rings to arttach your saftey chain.


Updated on 26 Apr 2024