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Sparkling Christmas Tree Ornament Kit Instructions

Sparkling Christmas Tree Ornament KitInstructions:

Step 1: Prepare the Acrylic Frame

  • Carefully remove the protective coating from your acrylic frame. Ensure that the frame is clean and free of any residues.

Step 2: Create the Tree

  • Using the head pin, assemble your tree component by following the specific arrangement provided on the card. Ensure each piece is secure.

Step 3: Wrap and Trim

  • Securely wrap the head pin to avoid any components falling off, using your pliers for a tight wrap.
  • Trim any excess wire protruding, using your wire cutters, ensuring no sharp edges remain.

Step 4: Attach Tree to Frame

  • Open a jump ring using your pliers.
  • Attach the tree component to the bottom hole of your acrylic frame through the jump ring.
  • Ensure the jump ring is closed securely.

Step 5: Create the Bead Sequence

  • On your eye pin, string the following sequence:
    1. Large Bicone
    2. Small Bicone
    3. Bow Bead
    4. Small Bicone
    5. Large Bicone
  • Make sure the arrangement is tight and orderly.

Step 6: Wrap the Eye Pin

  • Using your pliers, wrap the eye pin securely to ensure the bead sequence is held firmly.
  • Trim any excess wire with your wire cutters, leaving no sharp ends.

Step 7: Attach Bead Sequence to Frame

  • Using another jump ring, attach the bead sequence to the top hole in your acrylic frame.
  • Securely close the jump ring, ensuring the entire piece is well connected and stable.

Final Review

  • Once all pieces are attached securely, review the entire piece to make sure every component is in place and the piece is stable and secure.
  • Make any adjustments if necessary, and your decorative piece is ready to be displayed!

Updated on 01 May 2024