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DIY Kit - Swarovski Butterfly Suncatcher Instructions

DIY Kit - Swarovski Butterfly Suncatcher InstructionsInstructions:

Step 1: Add a bead cap and a small silver bead onto your headpin.

Step 2: Wrap your headpin securely.

Step 3: Mold your bead cap around your sphere. Apply glue to the inside of the bead cap and attach it to your crystal sphere. Allow the glue to dry fully.

Step 4: Center your closed ring onto your wire.

Step 5: Start stringing your beads onto the wire in the following order: small bicone, butterfly bead, small bicone, large bicone. Repeat this sequence twice.

Step 6: Assemble your piece using jump rings. Ensure each jump ring is securely closed after use.

Techniques Used:

  • Wrapping: This is the process of winding the wire around itself or a bead to secure the design.
  • Opening and Closing Jump Rings: Use your bent nose and round nose pliers to gently twist open and close jump rings. Never pull the jump ring apart, as this will weaken the metal.

Remember to use your tools effectively, and ensure all components are securely attached. Enjoy your jewelry making!


Updated on 24 May 2024