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DIY Bracelet Kit - Girls love Pearls Instructions

DIY Bracelet Kit - Girls love Pearls

Take your long piece of cord (Set aside the cord thats packed seperately.)

Tie a knot 6 inches from the end of your long cord (The side that has not been singed to make stringing easier.

Set aside 6 pearls for the ends, and begin stringing in batches of 3 alternating colors.

Tie the other end with a knot to hold all your beads in place,leaving 6 inches to finish your bracelet

Overlap the 2 ends of your knot ting cord, and using your short piece of remaining cord (the one we set aside in the begining) create your closure folowing the steps below.

knotting cord instruction

Once you’ve finished yourclosure,Nip off excess cord,and use a lighter glue to seal the cord closed.

Determine the length of your dangles, Add 3 pearls, and knot closed.  Use glue or a lighter to secure the knot, and repeat for the other end.




Updated on 20 May 2024