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Artistic Expressions Sun Catcher Kit Instructions

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Once you've unpacked your kit. Open one of your eye-pins

Take your thin piece of chain through your large pendant and center.

Connect the chain to your eye-pin and close.

On your eye-pin add the following.
Small bicone
Rose Gold CZ Beads
Small Bicone

Wrap closed and set aside.

Now take your large chain, count up 7 links, and cut on the 8th.

Now count up 3 links and cut on the 4th.

Repeat 3 more time and set chain aside.

Next we will add Rose gold beads to each of the remaining eye-pins, and wrap (make sure your loops face the same directs and are large enough to acomodate your jump rings.) 

Set Aside.

Open all of your jump rings. and begin assembing from the bottom up following the image.










Updated on 25 May 2024